SPL’s ‘Expert Review’ in Reward Magazine

We’ve published an article in Reward Magazine – Managing Compensation and Benefits made easy

The print version is flying off the shelves; you can see the article on page 19, online here. (remember to type 19 into the page number box)

We can make your life around Compensation/Performance Planning time easier too; let’s have a chat about how much we can help.
With offices in California, the UK and India, one of us is always up and available to speak with you.

FocalReview® v8 – styling a new look

FocalReview® v8 has been released and is getting great reviews! New graphics, fonts, additional color and design consistencies make v8 markedly different from the v7 generation.

And that’s without mentioning the new v8 functionality:

  • Client configurable eligibility rules
  • Client defined Award and Equity types
  • Client configurable Employee Statements/Letters and
  • Streamlined Ad-Hoc Reporting & Analytics, just to get started!

We’re eager to demo these for you, just let us know a convenient day & time.

Ransomware – Beware…(of it)

Ransomware is a growing problem that is now affecting many computer users around the world; it encrypts all the files on a computer and “holds them ransom” by requesting a monetary payment (usually payment in Bitcoins) before providing the decryption key to return the files to normal. Ransomware is delivered by email with infected attached documents, or by infected websites or by infected video ads played on trusted websites. The incidence of ransomware infections has risen from 30,000 computers per day at the end of 2015 to where it is now at a level of infecting 100,000 computers per day at the end of March 2016.

Some common sense prevention measures:

  • Don’t open unknown or suspicious attachments in emails, especially emails where you don’t know the sender.
  • Backup your data frequently; don’t leave your backup files/devices attached to your computer as ransomware can/will infect the backups also.
  • Check this link: (this site is updated frequently). You’ll find several news articles about recent ransomware campaigns available there.

HR Tech 2016 wrap-up

We had a great Exhibition at HR Tech in Chicago at the beginning of the month – it was bigger than I remember just a few years ago. Thank you to all the attendees who stopped at our booth and chatted with us, we trust you all made it home without incident (factoring out O’Hare delays, etc.).

As promised, we’re in the process of following-up with you; if we haven’t contacted you yet, we will in the next week as we finish going through our lists. If you are in a hurry, please click one of the links below, fill out our form and we will respond to you immediately!

Techie Corner / Tool Tip – disk space management

FocalReview® has had builtin functionality to help you manage the disk space resources it uses for some time now, but caveat User!


The Archive page in the Admin section allows you to Archive-off data from unused years to a designated Archive directory, freeing up disk space for the application. Pick what you want to Archive, select the year and click Submit – you just recycled some space!




Now, if you are REALLY tight on space:

The Purge page in the Admin section allows you to actually delete data from unused years: select the type of data you want to delete, the year to delete the data from and click Submit. You have just deleted some data: BE CAREFUL WITH THIS PAGE!




Happy Halloween

And with Halloween, the holiday season opens for the annual mad dash through the end of the year!

Halloween can be a scary time; keep an eye out for any munchkins or goblins scurrying about in the streets, but don’t let any Compensation or Performance Planning process ghosts scare you away from talking to us. FocalReview® can help you quickly automate your manual process(es) or quickly replace a system that is creaky or groaning, all at an extremely cost-effective price point.

Send us a request, an email or give us a call – operators are standing by!

For more information, please check our solutions page or demo FocalReview®.

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