World at Work Total Rewards Conference

Come visit us at the World at Work Total Rewards conference in Dallas, Texas May 19-21!

We are exhibiting the latest version of our FocalReview Application Suite modules in Booth 526 this year. Drop by our booth anytime to discuss issues and opportunities on:

  • Performance Management
  • Compensation Planning
  • Reporting/Analytics
  • Employee Communications

We’ll also have some actually useful giveaways (!) including a fantastic Grand Prize (last year it was a Nexus tablet!). We’ll finalize and announce this year’s Grand Prize in our next newsletter prior to the conference – watch for it!

Spiralinks Performance Module

At Spiralinks we are very keen to feed customers feedback and ideas back into our products. One of the biggest things we heard from clients over 2013 was that whilst clients loved the fact they could use our application to eliminate time consuming bulky old EXCEL spreadsheets, they still tended to use old fashioned paper for setting their employees objectives and the yearly appraisal/performance review. Clearly in this modern green climate we wanted to do something about this and as a result of listening to clients feedback we have developed our “Performance Module.”

Our Performance Module allows managers to manage the whole performance appraisal process online. They can create their departments unique appraisal template, set objectives, set weightings for those objectives, give performance ratings and comments. Once finished they can send this to an employee at the click of a button ready for the employee to review and add their comments before sitting down face to face, maybe over an iPad and a coffee, to discuss the employees performance.

SpiraLinks Celebrates Our 21st Anniversary!

What do you remember from/since 1993, when we opened for business? Here are a few notable items:

  • 1993 – USA President Bill Clinton is sworn into office for his first term
  • 1995 – The Million Man march on Washignton, D.C.
  • 1997 – Hong Kong is returned to China
  • 1999 – Panama Canal is returned to Panama
  • 2001 – SpiraLinks releases FocalReview V1
  • 2003 – The Human Genome project is completed
  • 2005 – YouTube is launched
  • 2007 – Apple releases the iPhone
  • 2009 – USA President Barack Obama is is sworn into office for his first term
  • 2011 – The Space Shuttle fleet is retired
  • 2013 – The world’s first bovine stem cell lab-grown hamburger is eaten in London

And those are just the odd years! It’s gone by in a flash for us, but we plan on being around for much longer, working with our clients to improve their Compensation processes.

Our FocalReview Compensation Planning toolset does just that. It eliminates EXCEL spreadsheets from the Compensation Planning process and is:

  • Multi-lingual
  • Multi-currency
  • Role based access & permissions
  • Able to handle any compensation element and frequency
  • Highly configurable

For more information, please check our solutions page or demo FocalReview®.

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