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Advanced compensation planning made easy.

FocalReview®, SpiraLinks’ flagship tool, helps you manage your compensation planning and performance processes more efficiently. With FocalReview®, you can manage your salary, bonus, and stock plans on different timetables for different employee populations – in multiple currencies and languages.

Your HR teams can budget, recommend, analyze, and approve changes in all forms and phases of compensation, even if multiple management organizations are responsible for input and review – all on-premise or securely in the cloud.

Tie your compensation practices directly to your business strategy and align workforce rewards with employee performance.

Do it all better with FocalReview!

Compensation Management

Balance merit, adjustments, lump sums, promotions, bonuses, and stocks with FocalReview®’s role-based, highly configurable Compensation Management module. Compensate in multiple languages, currencies, and pay periods – from hourly to annually and everywhere in between. With departmental and individual history displays, compensation comparisons between employees and against industry benchmarks, and a seamless user interface, FocalReview® is the ultimate in compensation management.

Performance Management

Performance reviews just got easier. Simplify your process so anyone can create customized individual, job code, or departmental performance forms in different roles and languages. Access individual employment and performance history, departmental ranking, update employment data, or take the entire process online, with unique department templates and custom objectives. Get performance ratings and comments at the press of a button, so you can weigh and assess your performance and talent.

Employee Portal

FocalReview® isn’t just for managers—it’s for everyone. With our highly configurable Employee Portal module and its intuitive dashboard, your workers can access past employee letters, statements, and Total Rewards information. Now your employees can participate and enrich the performance appraisal process with their input—no matter where they are or what language they speak.

Other FocalReview® Highlights

Sales and Executive Compensation

Sales and Executive Compensation

Satisfy and retain top executive talent, and please shareholders and regulators alike with our configurable bonus types and deferral vesting strategy. Motivate your sales team by rewarding them for their performance with the deferred compensation feature in the Compensation Management module.

Employee Communication

Employee Communication

Your organization is healthiest when your people are informed. Our Employee Portal module’s employee letters and report writing capabilities give everyone the information they need through an intuitive dashboard, without the need for additional software.

HR Analytics

HR Analytics

With a full suite of reports, including auditing, budget versus spending, exceptions, and diversity allocations, our HR analytics feature is built into every module and has you covered.

Payroll Integration

Payroll Integration

Use the payroll integration feature built into every module to create Excel reports that provide a clear display of collected data from the management team, making your payroll just a little easier.

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