HCM integration synergy

FocalReview can integrate with any of the Human Capital Management suites on the market. Our approach allows any HCM to augment their compensation and/or performance function with a full fledged Compensation Planning and Performance Management tool, that extends the capabilities of the HCM.

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“Simple implementation, great customer support and flexible functionality… The ease at setting up security and profiles and the fact I know who has access to what data allows us to sleep at night”

HR Manager

“A great product - highly configurable, even for our complex compensation structure.”

Cheryl A., Head of Rewards

“Dynamic and versatile platform which is very user friendly… The customer service is excellent, with rapid turnaround of requests. The team are dedicated to ensuring the best possible user experience and are a pleasure to work with.”

Sally K., Head of Rewards

“If you want a cost effective solution to aid your salary review processes then look no further!”

Rob B., Group Reward Manager

“I've implemented FocalReview® at 2 companies, including my current employer. The software can be configured to do exactly what we need... The support team is fantastic, consistently going above and beyond to accommodate changes or updates.”

HR Manager
Global 5000 company

“Exceptional implementation! On time and on budget. I am no longer dreading the annual review process.”

HR Manager
Global 5000 company

"I can see everything I want to see in one spot, across all divisions and countries - including stock vesting."

Technology company