Release Notes

SpiraLinks is pleased to announce the newest release of FocalReview! Expect the same powerful functionality with added user experience.

Here are just a few of the newly added features for Version 8.6.2:


Multiple Dashboards

Now the User has the option of selecting a Dashboard with a new presentation with more charts and flexibility. This can be easily configured through the User Preferences pop-up.

Enhanced Executive Comp functionality

This new feature was designed to beneficially support executive compensation and the vesting process. This process will distribute stock for multiple years based on a vesting schedule.

Adding supporting documents for an annual approval

The ability to attach documents to 360 Review and Annual Performance Forms is now more robust. They are split out between either 360 Review or Annual Performance, and there is more control over who can add and delete the forms.

Workflow Process for Employee Promotion

A new workflow process is available to manage employee promotions. Now, along with the merit & bonus workflow, clients can incorporate the promotion workflow process.

Total Comp Calculation Includes Bonus and Equity

Benefit Plans and Equity Plans can now be configured and displayed in the flexible Total Comp pop-up.

External Access to the Application Using a Secure Channel URL

We now offer an option for people external to the application to log in with a secure channel URL.

Point-in-time Snapshot of Employee Worksheet by Managers

Prior to making changes on the Worksheet, the manager has the option to take a snapshot in time. Multiple snapshots can be taken and saved.


More Robust Online Performance Review Forms

These enhancements include adding color and wider borders to sections and subsections. Also, all of the sections see an expand & collapse feature. The sections can be expanded or collapsed fully with one click.

New Employee Card View for Managers

Configurable graphical cards are presented on the Performance Worksheet to provide employee information at a glance.

Better User Experience for Sections and Subsections

This enhancement provides increased functionality for subsections. They can now be added with an Ajax update, and don’t have to be reloaded. The titles for the subsections are immediately applied to the subsection header. These improvements are applied to the PDF & print versions, also.

Continuous/Ongoing Performance Review Process

This functionality gives the Employee more control by allowing him to manage newly added 360 Review forms & Goals Ongoing Communication forms in the Employee Portal.

Copy the Historical Performance Form Data Into Current Form

We can now copy the Performance Goals from one section to any of a number of other target sections. This is the case for either the Annual Review or 360 Degree Review form.

Annual Performance Form and Employee Statements are linked to employee in the worksheet.

We now include new Worksheet employee icons, which will open to display their Employee Letters or Performance Form.


Better User Experience for Archiving functionality

We now have an Employee Archive screen which will allow an HR Admin to retrieve the Performance Reviews and Employee Statements for employees who have been archived. This page will allow you to sort by First Name, Last Name, Employee ID, or for records which fall within a specified date range.

Modern Configuration Shuttles

In place of configuration shuttles, we now use modern drag & drop configuration pop-ups, which provide convenience for the User. By doing this, we have saved “real estate” on the page.

Email Template Management

We have enhanced the appearance of the Email page. The Performance 360 Degree Review e-mails will be bundled in an accordion, which can be opened and viewed as desired.

Better UI to maintain Employee Data

We now offer an HR Admin the ability to delete an employee through an admin page. This is done in conjunction with employee creation & deletion.

Client Manageable Charts

This feature will allow engineers or clients to quickly develop a new chart by inputting parameters and adding a SQL query. There will be a reduced need for coding and environment builds, which will provide convenience to the customer.

Budget Allocation by Geography and Business Function

Now, the Budget Allocation amount can be imported for an entire hierarchy tree, and it will populate down to individual departments and employees. These Budget values will translate for the main tree, and all other trees, such as the Geography & Legal Entity.

Making an Employee a Manager

We now offer the option of creating a new Department while creating a User on the Manage Users page.

Employee Portal

Rich User Interface for Employee Self Service

We have new enhancements for the Employee Portal. The employee has increased control to configure Competency, Development Plans, Goals and Manager Ratings. He/she can also add Form subsections, as desired.


Simplified Adhoc Reporting

Enhancements have been made to the Ad Hoc or Custom Report feature. We have reduced the clicks needed to create them. For convenience, our Users are now able to delete their own Ad Hoc reports, without the involvement of the HR Admin. Also, the report interface has been enhanced. The User can change the sort order of the columns with our modern drag & drop configuration pop-ups.

Improved Employee Letter Functionality

The Communications report landing page is now more configurable. More parameters have been added, such as filtering by grade or rating. Also, managers can choose to hide parameter selections.

New Canned Reports

New canned reports have been added, such as one to see the Status of Manager Submissions from the Spend Summary reports.


User Friendly Import Programs

The import programs now offer simplified templates.

Dynamic Exports

To support client’s down-stream systems (ADP, UltiPro, Workday) we have designed a Dynamic Export Framework. We dynamically build exports based on the client’s requirement to send to their payroll system.

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