HR Technology Conference, Chicago, October 4-6

We are pleased to exhibit FocalReview in October at the HR Technology conference – you’ll find us in booth 2711.

We’re going to display new features we’ve developed over the summer and our new UI! We’re happy to get you a free pass to check out the exhibits, just email your request to us!

This conference is a great opportunity to get an up-close-and-personal look at our latest Performance Management and Compensation Planning modules. Our technical staffers will be able to answer any architecture, implementation & technical questions and show you how our flexible toolkit can maximize your processes efficiency.

What does Brexit mean to you?

Are you in, have offices in, do business in, acquire goods/services from, or plan to have a UK presence? New UK Prime Minister Teresa May has been visiting leaders in Europe to ensure good relations ahead of starting the official Brexit process. It is widely expected that the “Article 50” which triggers the start of the exit period will be triggered in 2017. Quite when in 2017 we don’t yet know. In the meantime, companies outside of the UK have been taking advantage of the drop in the value of Sterling currency to purchase more goods & services at a cheaper price! You can get in on this too with FocalReview – give our Cambridge, UK office a call at +44(1223) 750 168.

Call our number below for information on our SaaS Model or Private Cloud implementation options.

Ransomware/Malware & Rio – watch out

Cyber attacks at the Rio Olympics are expected to reach new danger levels. Forget coffee-shop issues, warnings against using non-bank ATMs have been made (the ATMs can be compromised). Also, due to tariffs & taxes, smartphones are very expensive, so they are prime targets for theft. If you are there or are going as a spectator, please excercise extra caution while having a good time!

Techie Corner / Tool Tip – role-based access

FocalReview’s Role-based access gives you extreme flexibility to create detailed access profiles. Consider 3 Roles (it could be any number); HR Administrator, Salary Manager, Appraiser. Take a look at the screenshot below:


The HR Administrator role displays 5 menu tabs at the top of the page and is asigned at the top of the Hierarchy Structure, so that role sees the entire rollup.

Now, change the Role dropdown by selecting Salary Manager – the screen will refresh as below:




The Salary Manager role only sees 3 menu tabs at the top of the page and is constricted to a much smaller Rollup in the Hierarchy Structure.

Change the Role dropdown again, this time selecting Appraiser in the dropdown; the screen will display:




Appraisers only see the Performance and Help menu tabs at the top – they can’t get into the Compensation module at all. Creating Worksheet views by role is also supported, giving our clients great granularity when deciding who should see what information.




For more information, please check our solutions page or demo FocalReview®.

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