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Performance Management Module Updates

We made many updates this year to our already highly-configurable Performance Management module.

It’s now a simple matter to copy 1 form template to a new template based on EmployeeID, Department or Job Code.

We’re supporting eSignatures when a Manager completes their input (and Employee input if they are included) and we’ve expanded our Performance Approval functionality.

The number of required levels of Performance Approval can now be specified, as can routing to HR.

See us at SHRM Talent Management April 18-19 in Orlando, FL

We are pleased to exhibit next month at the SHRM Talent Management Conference and Exhibition Monday & Tuesday, April 18-19 at the Walt Disney World Swan & Dolphin Resort in Orlando Florida!

This conference is a great opportunity to get an in-person look at our latest Performance Management and Compensation Planning modules. Our technical staffers will be able to answer any questions and show you how our flexible toolkit can maximize your processes efficiency.

Call one of the numbers below for information on our SaaS Model or Private Cloud implementation options.

Performance Management – 360 Degree and Continuous Review functionality

We’ve released several updates this year to our already highly-configurable Performance Management module; major new features support 360 Degree and Continous Review processes.

You can create & use as many different 360 Degree surveys as you need to – there is no limit.

If you keep the system running year-round, you can implement a Continuous Review process for much more frequent assessment and feedback.

All are included in our expanded Performance module.

Let FocalReview® ‘get into it’ with your HCM

Our standard APIs give FocalReview® a bridge to automate dataflows into/out of your HCM system. Our Job Scheduler allows you to schedule any Job to run at any time and frequency you need.

This gets you out of running frequent imports/exports manually to maintain your data; the data is updated when and how often to specify, automatically!

Techie Corner / Tool Tip

You can Drag/Drop Employees or Departments to correct their positioning in the Hierarchy

A manager called to complain that his Insurance department is displayed rolling up to Mechanical Products. That’s obviously incorrect, the only thing Mechanical about the Insurance group is their pencils. We’ll check it out and correct it (if necessary).

1. First, we navigate to the ‘Move Employee or Department’ Admin page (Arrows A, below).


2. Then, we find the Insurance department (Arrow B) – wow, the Manager was right, the hierarchy is not displaying correctly. Insurance should rollup to Quality Management as a peer of Mechanical Products. Ok, now to correct it.


3. Click on the Insurance department and hold the mouse key down (Arrow C).

4. Continue holding the mouse key down and ‘drag’ the Insurance group to it’s correct parent Department (Arrow D).

5. Release the mouse key and the Department is moved to it’s new location (below).

6. And there is our now correctly located Insurance Department.


For more information, please check our solutions page or demo FocalReview®.

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