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Welcome Canonical Ltd.

We’re pleased to welcome Canonical Ltd. as our latest client! Canonical is the creator of the open-source standard Ubuntu operating system, very likely running a device or website near you. We are very happy to be able to help them automate their processes with FocalReview®.

We can help automate your Compensation/Performance Planning time easier too; let’s have a chat about how much we can help. With offices in California, the UK and India, one of us is always up and available to speak with you.

FocalReview® v8.1 Update

FocalReview® v8.1 has been released with new graphics, fonts, additional color and design consistencies making v8.1 markedly different from the v7 generation.

And that’s without mentioning the new v8.1 functionalities:

  • Guidelines by Award type
  • Graphical Representation of the Summary Table
  • Benefits information in Total Rewards and
  • Configurable 9-box functionality just to get started. We’re also running on WildFly 10.1 and Java 8!

We’re eager to demo these for you, just let us know a convenient day & time.

Ransomware – Beware…(of it)

Ransomware is a growing problem that is now affecting many computer users around the world; it encrypts all the files on a computer and ‘holds them ransom’ by requesting a monetary payment (usually payment in Bitcoins) before providing the decryption key to return the files to normal. Ransomware is delivered by email with infected attached documents, or by infected websites or by infected video ads played on trusted websites. Ransomware has now become the fastest developing/spreading cyber exploit throughout the world; cyber extortion losses exceeded $1 Billion in 2016.

Some common sense prevention measures:

  • Don’t open unknown or suspicious attachments in emails, especially emails where you don’t know the sender.
  • Backup your data frequently; don’t leave your backup files/devices attached to your computer as ransomware can/will infect the backups also.
  • Here’s a link to thehackernews.com (this site is updated frequently) where you’ll find several news articles about recent ransomware campaigns.

2017 Outlook

How are your Resolutions coming along? If one of them was to automate your Compensation Planning, Performance Management and/or Employee Total Rewards processes, we need to talk!

For our part, we’ve already released v8.1 (see above!) and we’re happy to share our 2017 roadmap for our next release later this year. Feel free to send us an email or schedule a call to discuss any functionality that is critical to you but not available; you’ll be surprised at how interested we’ll be to talk about that!

Techie Corner / Tool Tip – configurable recommendation guidelines

Our latest release lets you set recommendation guidelines for any Compensation type, including those you create yourself.

What you do.


First, create the guideline:

  • Select a Guideline source – Salary in this example (Salary, Boinus, Equity)
  • Select the Guideline you want to Create; Adj % in this example
  • Select up to 3 Dimensions for the Guideline; we selected Rating in this example
  • Click the Create lightning bolt icon to the right of Dimension 3

We’ve successfully created our Adj % Guideline.




Now to Edit the Guideline:

  • for each Rating, click the pencil icon on the right to edit the Attributes for that Rating
  • Merit and Bonus guidelines have Min/Max guideline recommendations, Equity has a Multiplier value
  • Edit as needed and click Save




World at Work 2017

We’ll be setup in booth 629 this year – do stop by to see the latest updates in FocalReview®.

The World at Work Total Rewards Conference & Exhibition is in Washington D.C. this year, May 7 to 10 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center (Exhibit Hall A), 801 Mt. Vernon Place NW, Washington, D.C. The easiest access is through the Marriott Marquis Washington, D.C., 901 Massachusetts Avenue NW, Washington, D.C.

Send us a request, an email or give us a call – operators are standing by!

For more information, please check our solutions page or demo FocalReview®.

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