SpiraLinks Focal Review v9

Release Notes

The SpiraLinks team is proud to announce the release of Version 9 of our flagship software, FocalReview®. Here are a few of the newly added features:


Improved and enhanced user experience with a modern look and feel

The entire FocalReview® Suite is revamped for a fresh and consistent user experience. The new version is light weight and clear; reduction in color domination and use of strategic color bands provide better focus and concentration for the user.

Consistent interface across the suite

The uniform interface creates a sense of control, familiarity, and reliability for the end user leading to a quicker mastery of the tool. Use of industry popular sliders, switchers, and cards add to the new look.

More configurable and personalized screens at each role level

Customization at the role level is now possible for most screens.

Compensation Module

Improved workflows

Now adding an employee or promoting an employee to a manager is simplified. There is seamless navigation between currency and FX rates or User and manager.

Popups are replaced with modern sliders

This consistent and space saving feature adds value to the experience.

Context sensitive help for each screen

Instruction and help features enrich the user’s understanding.

Configurable icon tray

Users now have the option to select the required icons that they like to use and make them available as part of their icon tray without going to their admin to request help.

Improved display of the hierarchy trees

Management and display of the hierarchy tree is more light weight, with a better use of color.

Enhanced modeling

There is new support for multiple salary increases and award types. Repositioning information reduces the “noise” and allows the user to better see the analysis.

Improved terminated employee management

You can now easily highlight the terminated (or inactive) employee with a color instead of removing the employees.

Performance Module

New worksheet features

Better use of calendaring for dates, use of dark background color gives prominence to the form design, and improved for Quick Filter options.

Graphical reports – to hierarchy view

You can now see the entire organization hierarchy in a graphical view, in addition to the existing view. The graphical can include the employee photo, name, ID as well as demographic and organization info.

Improved cascading goals

Now the manager can connect the employee goals which are inter-related for added performance evaluation.

New performance metric tiles

The new arrangement of performance metric tiles on the dashboard is clear and specific.

On-demand preview screens

All build template screens (e.g., Performance Forms/Employee Letters) can now be previewed prior to being built, saving time in configuration and redos.

Employee Portal

Graphs and charts as part of the total rewards statements

Creating a total rewards statement (or modifying an existing template) is now more intuitive and streamlined; the summary and section configurator benefits from the new UI, allowing for easier placement of graphs and charts.

HR Admin proxy access

HR Admin can now view other role’s view without switching. This proxy feature is helpful in rollout and training.

Improved dashboard view

Easy access to the Performance Forms and Employee Letters from the Dashboard.

Support multiple employee letters per cycle

Employee can now access multiple letters per cycle (a.k.a. year) like a Merit letter, a Bonus letter, a Stock letter, a Deferral letter, and a total reward statement.


Improved analytics and custom reports

The improved Query Analyzer produces better reports that can be the basis for analytical reporting.

More standard reports added for repetitive queries